GUWS Welcomes New GA

After a long nineteen-year soccer career, graduating senior Kate Arthur has officially announced her next move. The Greenville University Women’s Soccer Program would like to welcome Arthur as the next graduate assistant. 

Arthur has completed four years of collegiate soccer at Greenville and will be contributing to the program in a different way next season. In an interview with Arthur, she expressed, “I am super excited to be around for another year and watch some of the girls finish their college career.” Arthur has undeniably made an enormous impact on the returning players and will continue to intentionally make a difference to those coming in next season. Arthur communicated, “It is a blessing to know that I have another opportunity to give back to the soccer program, which has done so much for me. I owe the Greenville University Soccer Program a lot, and having another chance to possibly become a mentor for the team is exciting.”

Freshman Year Lineup, Featuring Kate Arthur. Media By Parker Lutz.

Throughout Arthur’s phenomenal soccer career, she has taken on various leadership roles and responsibilities. Current graduate assistant and former Greenville soccer player Dani Pearce has been a wonderful and diligent example to her as well. “Being in a leadership position on the team for the past two years has really prepared me to take the next step as a GA and to start to take on more responsibilities. Also having the current GA, Dani Pearce, to look up to has been super helpful. I am sure she will be getting some calls from me over the next year when I need advice,” Arthur voiced.

Senior, Kate Arthur taking a free kick.

With summer and the next season just three months away, Arthur explained, “I plan to be back and forth from Springfield, Missouri, and Greenville this summer. I begin my MBA classes in June. Dani and I have already started meeting in order to make my transition a bit smoother, and she has taught me a few of the recruiting responsibilities.” With this being said, Arthur understands what kind of role she will be encountering next year and is looking forward to this new experience. She is known to be an intelligent, hard-working, and well-rounded person, which has ultimately given her the reputation of the “team mom.” Her willingness and intentional leadership will always be remembered by her teammates. In order to be successful during this transition, Arthur explained, “I will continue to work on managing my time between classes, work, and the team. I want to continue to build relationships with the girls that are already on the team as well as the newcomers.”

After interviewing Arthur, she initially seemed a little nervous and uneasy about her decision to stay another year at Greenville. However, Arthur implied, “After discussing with some of my mentors in the engineering field, they have all told me that having an MBA would be valuable if I ever want to be in a project management position. I decided that this was the path that I wanted to pursue because it is the perfect opportunity for me to continue my education while giving back to the soccer program.”

As you can see, Arthur is looking forward to spending another year with her soon-to-be new family. “After completing my master’s, I will be looking at getting a job in the R&D side of biomedical engineering. In four years, I hope to have found a pretty steady job somewhere. I am extremely open and excited to see where the Lord takes me.” The Greenville University Women’s Soccer Program welcomes their new graduate assistant, Kate Arthur.

Media by Parker Lutz.


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