It’s a Big World

Looking back in 20 years, you are most likely to be regretful of the opportunities that you did not take than the ones that you did.  Traveling while you are young is not only an opportunity, but a privilege that you do not want to miss out on. Traveling will open up a world of opportunity that you may not have even known was out there before.  It is even possible that it may change your whole perspective on life and the people around you. There is so much you can learn that you simply would not if you never get out to explore. Think of it as an extension to your education.  Traveling is a great way to learn lessons that you simply would not if you choose to stay in the same area all the time and also is beneficial for many reasons.

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You’ll Regret Choosing Money Over Experience

Yes, you probably just finished four or more years of higher education and no, that is not cheap.  While this is a great adventure to have in your life, traveling is a different kind of adventure.  If you can make a trip happen, go for it.  Even if travel leaves you in debt, it can be short-term. Once you get back and find a job with a steady source of income, this will not be as big of an issue.  Finding out what is out there is going to be more beneficial to you in the long run. It is also possible to find great travel discounts for young people. If your college ID has not expired yet, you could be eligible for discounted plane tickets, train tickets, museums, park entry fees, and more.

Not Many Obligations Can Hold You Back

If you choose to travel right out of college, you probably do not have as many obligations to keep you from exploring.  At this time you have more time, energy, and the ability to get up and leave than any other. Once you move out, find a job, and start a family of your own the responsibility and bills are sure to follow.  Travel would still be a great experience at this time, however it would come at a greater expense.

You Are Young

Traveling is something that gets harder with age.  Not only because of added responsibility, but also because of health.  Just graduating college you should really be in good health which makes it the perfect time to travel.  Getting to destinations is much easier on your bodies at a young age. Those cramped airplanes are just not made for everyone.  Also, the activities are so much easier while you are young and healthy.  Hiking, cliff jumping, scuba diving, and cage diving are all things that might be on your bucket list.  All of these activities will be much more enjoyable with a healthy and able body.

You Cannot Learn Everything From a Textbook

There is nothing like seeing historical monuments and sites with your own eyes.  Textbooks just do not do justice to the beauty of the world that we live in. Discovering the world with your own eyes will also force you out of your own comfort zone.  You will meet people of different races, cultures, and beliefs. There will be new foods and activities to try. Not only will you learn about other people, you will learn about yourself as well.  You will learn what you truly like and dislike, how to be independant, and many more great things.

Media by Katie Myers. 

Greenville Travel Opportunities

If you want to get a head start on traveling Greenville has many great opportunities to study abroad and serve on mission trips.  You can visit amazing places if you take advantage of what is offered here at the school. Countries offered include Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain, Israel, and England.  You can learn more by visiting Greenville University’s website as well as contacting the director of World Outreach and Missions.

Traveling is something that no one wants to miss out on.  Get out and see what this world has to offer. You never know what you might find.  Even if you do not have the means to travel right after college, travel is a great experience at any age.

Media by Katie Myers. 


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