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Finding Joy in the Chaos

These days, the majority of college kids, especially if they go to Greenville University, have to constantly invent new ways to entertain themselves. Even...

Women’s Soccer Takes First Conference Game

The Greenville University women's soccer team has finally entered the conference portion of their season, and this past Saturday they competed against Iowa Wesleyan...

League of Legends Reworks the Menu

Imagine having a favorite dish at a restaurant. You go there pretty frequently—maybe once a week—and only ever order this thing because it’s just...

Bald Perspective Episode 7: The Shape of VR

Written by Dylan Deppe. Produced by Matthew Stoddard. On this episode of the Bald Perspective, Deppe, Matt, and Deryk talked about their thoughts on this...

Fortnite Frenzy

Written and Media by Joey Clinton. Fortnite has taken the campus by storm (pardon the pun). Almost every night, dorm rooms across campus are filled with...

What to Do on a Rainy Day

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day. We all used to sing this as kids, hoping that the rain would stop so that we could go outside and play. But it didn’t always work. There are still days when it just has to be a rainy day. So what can we do while it’s raining and we have nothing better to do?

Pushing Through:Tips to Finish off the Semester Strong

School and life is full of stress and pressure, but in order to keep sane, we have to find ways to release the stress and pressure that comes with school, family, friends, and jobs. The following are some suggestions to keep your sanity during the semester and in life.

Why It’s Time to Invest in a Wii U

The Wii U needs all the help it can get right now, but nobody wants to give it until Nintendo pushes units through its own first party software. So, what does Nintendo have coming down the pipeline? Well, two of Nintendo’s biggest franchises are landing on the platform this year, one of which is only weeks away, Mario Kart 8.

Top 5 Apps I Can’t Live Without

As technology continues to advance so do the ideas of app developers. There are many different apps to choose from in all different genres. Whether you’re creative, a fashionista, sports fanatic, social media junkie or the king or queen of selfies, there are plenty of apps to suit your own personal taste. Here are ten of my favorite apps that I absolutely can’t live without.

Pokemon Story: Ash’s Travels Through Kanto and Johto Part 1

Many of you may remember from 1998 through 2001 in the United States, Pokémon Red and Blue, Yellow, Gold and Silver and Crystal were released to the public as part of the franchise frenzy. My video game story, called Ash’s Travels through Kanto and Johto, will give my summarized version on how the video games should have been from the Generation I (Red, Blue and Yellow) perspective.