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Unpaid Internships

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Interviews and article by Breanna Johnson. Media by James Menk.

Being an intern isn’t easy, I’m sure! No, I’ve never been one before, but I would feel if I’m highly qualified to do work and if there’s a lot demanded of me, it’s considered a job. People who have jobs/careers should get paid for the work they do, so that means interns should be given money. It’s unfortunate that many American corporations don’t pay their interns for all their hard work, so yes they are taking advantage of them! (See: Unpaid Interns) Of course, just the experience of working with these companies can be great, but let’s face it, money and experience would be better!


Not on film:

Andrew Luhar (Senior), says he wants to do a mission trip, and that they’re willing to pay for room and board, but he has to pay to stay there for 3 months.He thinks it depends on the corporation whether or not they take advantage.

Gracia Heilmer (Junior) thinks it seems odd that interns don’t get paid, something fishy is going on, and that corporations take advantage of interns.


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