Creation vs. Evolution: Nye and Ham Go Head to Head in Debate


Written by Erik Reed. Media by Charley Phillips.


Surely by now, many of us are exhausted of hearing and discussing the Creation vs. Evolution debates on campus. But, it’s important to be in the know about this topic, especially for those who try to reconcile these controversial issues with our Christian faith. The writer of this article interviewed biology instructor Dr. Eugene Dunkley about his take on the discussion. Dr. Dunkley is one of a few science department instructors who teach COR 302, along with Dr. Darrell Iler and Dr. Daryl Cox. The science department wants students to understand the arguments, partly because there is so much confusion about the facts (or theories) on both sides. Dr. Dunkley stated that many things in science are not perfectly understood and that we should learn to never assume, especially when it comes to interpretations of theistic evolution and how events transpire. Dr. Dunkley does not discount a Genesis 1 interpretation, but he strongly believes that people can have faith in God and simultaneously accept theistic evolution.


Dr. Dunkley encourages students to listen for these three aspects when participating in Creation vs. Evolution debates: 1.) The ability to answer questions while not omitting facts, 2.) the ability to be honest and open, and 3.) to allow the Scriptures to speak for itself. Dr. Dunkley also shared advice for those who accept a six-day Creation theory: look to Scripture and interpretations from Jewish scholars. If someone wants to believe in a literal six-day creation, they can, but to be sure to keep an open mind about how science and Christianity can coexist and correlate.


Dr. Dunkley and many science instructors would say that there are two Words of God: Scripture and nature, because they both testify of each other. If there is conflict, one side is misunderstood.



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