Ukraine Crisis Update

Written by Andrea Martin. Media by Matt Miller[divide]

Pro-Russian rebels were able to drive 80% of Ukraine’s troops out of a crucial city, even after a ceasefire had been issued.

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Ukraine had issued a ceasefire Sunday, which has been teetering on the brink of collapse after Pro-Russia rebels ignored the command by targeting Ukrainian soldiers in the city of Debaltseve Tuesday, Feb. 16.

The rebels launched 112 attacks in just 24 hours with 88 of them occurring in Debaltseve according to Ukraine’s UNIAN news agency.

Beforehand, the rebels announced they would not abide by Ukraine’s ceasefire, and took initiative into their own hands, hoping to force Ukraine’s soldiers into firing back.

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Other countries have condemned the rebels for their instigating, especially the U.S., whom has urged both Russia and Ukraine to restore diplomatic talks. 22 Ukraine soldiers have been killed the past few days, and 150 more have been wounded.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko pleaded for the United Nations to send peacekeepers to Eastern Ukraine in hopes of decreasing tension.

“The issue was discussed and a decision has been taken to appeal to the UN and the EU concerning the setting up in Ukraine of a peacekeeping and security operation,” council secretary Olexander Turchynov told reporters.

While the ceasefire has overall been thoroughly ignored, it hasn’t kept sanctions from being placed upon Russia, whom  has been

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assumed to be supporting the rebels quietly. Canada has placed stricter economic sanctions upon the Russian individuals and companies. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has gotten the support of Canada’s European allies as well as the U.S. Rosneft, Russia’s biggest oil company, has gotten hit the hardest.Russia, in return, rebuffed Canada’s “awkward attempt.”

“We hope that Ottawa will reconsider the consequences of its actions that continue to fuel further military confrontation in Ukraine, and will realize that sanction-oriented pressure on Russia is futile,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued Wednesday.


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