The Elite 32 and What They Do For You

Article by Emily Rauch Media by Aaron Phillips
“Dude, I wish campus had (insert cool thing or cool club you would like to see on campus).”

“I know dude, that (cool thing or cool club) would be totally awesome!”

Have you ever heard this conversation on Greenville College’s campus? Maybe you and your friends sit around a DC table and talk long into the night about what you want to see changed, but don’t know what to do once you come up with the idea. Well, all that can change.

Here on campus we have a band of 32 senators who represent every resident hall, house, commuter, class and culture at senate. These senators were voted into their positions at the All College Hike and they want nothing more than to hear your concerns and ideas so they can bring them to the senate meetings. Once the ideas are presented at senate they will be looked at, discussed and then worked on to get your idea activated on campus.

While there are some things we can’t do, for example, helicopters shuttling people to and from football games, there are some big things we can do. Once upon a time, GC students were not allowed to have dances on campus (AKA no homecoming dance or junior/senior dance). The students told their senators and they wrote a proposal and got dances allowed! If it is something the campus really wants, we will do our best to make it happen.

All College Hike Source: GCSA
All College Hike
Source: GCSA

The Greenville College Student Senate has been in session this school year since Sept. 23rd and has been busy ever since. Senate is open to the public and all are encouraged to sit in on the meetings and bring things to the Senate’s attention. The meetings are in Dietzman 102 on Wednesday’s at 9:30 p.m. until 10:45 p.m.

Before you come to a meeting, perhaps you want to know what to expect. First, there is a snack table in the corner that you are free to graze from. Then Mary Deterding, who is in charge of meeting with clubs before they come to the senate (COB), presents the evening’s grants. Clubs around campus ask senate for funding and the money is given to them via grants. Before a grant is given, senate discusses whether or not the money will be used wisely and if it is in the best interest of the students whom the senators are representing.  Some grants this year include Connect 4 (a tutoring group who travels to ST Louis) and To Write Love On Her Arms. Senate also approves clubs that want to begin on campus and re-charters old ones. The Greenville’s National Federation of Music Club and GCCP(Greenville College Correctional Program) are two we have approved so far this year. Occasionally, we have some unsuspected excitement, such as a flash mob for a GCSA homecoming music video that may have occurred during a meeting. You can watch it with the link below. Senate has some great dancers.

You can also visit and like our Facebook page, Greenville College Student Senate, to see a list of senators and who they represent. This way you can find them and give them your ideas or a high five for all the good work they do. Help us make the campus a happier place and find your senator today!


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