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GC Speaks: Chocolate Bunnies or Peeps?

One of the best things about Easter is the candy! Obviously it's not the best or even close to the main idea, but it's still a lot of the fun. I've always remembered having Easter egg hunts as a kid and I also remember getting spoiled by grandma and definitely over indulging in chocolate. ...

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Noah: To See or Not to See

This article has taken me a while to write. I wanted to do more research before writing, and I wasn't exactly sure how to write this article in the first place. Going to school at Greenville has taught me to be open minded, and the Film and Lit. class I'm in right now has taught me a lot about adapting novels/stories to film. Maybe that is why I actually liked the movie. ...

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The Wonder of Music

Ever think about the wonders behind music? Many do not understand the things that music is really capable of or what it truly represents, the power it holds. It is more than just appealing to the ears but in only a way that it can, it seeps into our minds and many times our hearts. It has been debated whether it was language or music which came first, but one thing is true: both music and language are one i ...

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Erik’s Favorite Websites

Hello, folks, have you ever had your share of favorite websites (ex. YouTube and MySpace)? Of course, we all have. We frequent them for the latest updates and/or recommend them to others. We tweet or use a lot of hashtags when sending messages ...

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Really, Let it Go

I loved Frozen. I really did. The music. The snowman. The animation. The Sven. The spunky sisters and their unbreakable bond. I loved it so much. I am confessing my love for Frozen in order to soften the blow of what I’m about to say next. ...

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Top 30 Things Second Semester Seniors are Tired of Hearing

Second semester seniors have rocked the GC life for almost four years now (or two for transfers). We’ve heard multiple different questions over the course of four years that are stereotypical to the GC life like “What are your top 5 strengths?” or “How have you grown spiritually since being here?” Apartment 311 has compiled a list of 30 things that seniors are tired of hearing this spring semester. ...

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The DNA of Downton Abbey

So, I was a bit late to the whole Downton Abbey craze. During the airing of the second series, my grandma told me about the show, and she sounded really excited about it. I wasn’t entirely sure it was something that I’d be into. But I happened to stumble into an episode while channel ...

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Ring By Spring: Words Written by a Single Senior

Can you feel, the love tonight?” I can hear Timon singing that song, right now, as I look around campus and see all the new especially those that just fit well together. I'm happy to see my friends finding the one person they want to spend the rest of their life with, good for them! No, I haven't found him yet, and yes, it does stink sometimes. I hope, however, that as you read this article—whether you are ...

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GC Speaks: Senior Plans

our years spent at GC goes very quickly, and as a senior I can say this from experience. As a freshman, you have some pretty amazing dreams, but as a senior you have the opportunity to finally make those dreams a reality. ...

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