Meet Our Fall 2017 Staff

leaders 17-18

Written by Kori Nesbit. Media by Deloy Cole.

Hello, Panthers!

We are the Greenville University Papyrus, and we would like to take a moment to introduce our incredible staff which hopes to bring you content focused on what matters throughout the year.

Publication of the Papyrus would not be possible without a few very important people. Erin Lobner and Maggie Shoepke are the Co-Editors In Chief, and Paige Lunde is the Digital Editor. Nathan Craig is the Facebook Live Director and Kalynn Pierce is the Social Media Director.

Nathan Craig, Erin Lobner, Paige Lunde, Maggie Schoepke, and their spirit animals. Source: Tawnie Kozora

The goal for the Papyrus is to:

Share diverse perspectives, promote the community-centeredness of Greenville, and tackle relevant topics,” according to Lobner. “We want to engage our audience through our articles, podcasts, and social media.”

Facebook Live is a new feature included in the publication this year to live-stream campus events. This aspect of the newspaper is led by Nathan Craig. Other videographers include Mary Friedman, Coleton Gensler, Jesse Getz, Caleb Miles, Allyson Mitchell and Kyle Spriggs.

Caleb Miles, Nathan Craig, Coleton Gensler, Mary Friedman, Allyson Mitchell, Kyle Spriggs, Jesse Getz. Source: Tawnie Kozora

Podcasts have also come to be an important aspect of the Papyrus in recent years. This year, there are three major podcast series to keep your eyes out for. Marideth Tate and Bradley Stubbs take on the life of student-athletes in “Athlete vs. World,” produced by Matthew Stoddard. Jake Vanwey and Greg Franchomme discuss all things football in “J & G Sports Podcasting,” produced by Quinten Brown. Logan Murphy, Joe Wood, and Issac Akers tackle sports’ hottest topics in “Murph’s Pitch.”

Matt Stoddard, Quinten Brown, Jake Vanwey, Marideth Tate, Logan Murphy, Joe Wood, Isaac Akers. Source: Tawnie Kozora

There are six sections that comprise the literary side of the Papyrus: Campus, Faith, Entertainment, Features, Opinion, and Sports.

To stay updated on campus life, check out articles written by Mary Krauss, Paige Stanley, and Kieshaun Young-Jones. These posts are edited by Miranda Coffee, the Section Editor. Campus’ digital journalist is Ethan Maurer, a Digital Media major.

Ethan Maurer, Miranda Coffee, Mary Krauss, Paige Stanley. Source: Tawnie Kozora

Beth Richardson edits the Faith section, formerly known as D&D. Articles in this section are written by Hope Brakenhoff and Megan Burns, and Taylor Harpster is the digital journalist.

Taylor Harpster, Hope Brakenhoff, Beth Richardson. Source: Tawnie Kozora

Sarah Burgener, Dylan Deppe, Josh Robinson, and Regina Sanders write about movies, celebrity gossip, and much more in the Entertainment section. Digital journalists for this section are Kayla Morton and Jason Wang, and the Section Editor is Tabitha Rice.

Dylan Deppe, Regina Sanders, Kayla Morton, Tabitha Rice, Sara Burgener. Source: Tawnie Kozora

Kori Nesbit is the section editor for the Features section, which includes anything from feature articles on students and faculty to what students are doing outside of the small town of Greenville, IL. Christina Bowman, Kaylie Weideman, and Isiah Price write articles in this section, and the digital journalists are Joe Wood and Momoka Murata.

Momoka Murata, Isiah Price, Kaylie Weideman, Christina Bowman, Kori Nesbit, Joe Wood. Source: Tawnie Kozora

Johnathon Goodenow, Kathleen Malone, and Allison Perry share their perspectives on various topics in the Opinion section, which is edited by Kahre Hiles. Kelsey Middleton is the digital journalist for this section.

Kathleen Malone, Allison Perry, Kahre Hiles, Johnathon Goodenow. Source: Tawnie Kozora.

Kyler Stork is the Section Editor for a Sports section, which is full of the following Sports Management digital journalists: Christian Caldozo, Nick Corrigan, Sara Dawson, Mitchell Hooten, Bobby Neal, Barry Nixon, Andrew Sharp, and Jaylen Shelton.

Christian Caldozo, Andrew Sharp, Barry Nixon, Kyler Stork, Mitchell Hooten, Bobby Neal, Sara Dawson, Jaylen Shelton. Source: Tawnie Kozora

If you’re interested in joining our staff, make sure to talk to your advisor about adding Newspaper Production for an English or Communication credit (ENGL231 or COMM231) or DMDA125, also known as Digital Integration Experience to your schedule. Students can also submit guest posts on the Papyrus website or come to our meetings on Wednesday nights at 6:00 in the DMC.

We hope to see you soon!


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